2016 Blade High Score

Blade Skinny Boy 2nd Gen
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High Score is the latest link in the evolution of freestyle and wakestyle kites. It is the more energetic version of the former Mist, a highly powerful freestyle/wakestyle kite by itself.


This action packed C-kite has some serious grunt to propel you to new heights with an extended sweet spot. Its sharp contoured wingtips help you stabilize yourself throughout the trick and stick the landing to perfection.


With its explosive pop and continuous pull, the High Score will have you feeling like you’re actually inside a video game. So get creative, land the tricks and show them how it's done!


  • Explosive and consistently powerful 
  • 5 rigid struts for added stability 
  • Extended sweet spot 
  • Extreme crashes durability 




Kite Sizes: 7/9/11/13

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Price $1,129.00