2016 Blade Skinny Boy Wave Kiteboarding Kite

Blade Skinny Boy 2nd Gen
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If an all-out wave riding session is what you’re going for, a wave-dedicated kite is a must. While the 1st generation of the Skinny Boy was a big success among wave riders, it just laid the foundation for the most thrilling wave kite yet.

The 2nd generation Skinny Boy is more direct, more precise and more agile, allowing you to maintain complete control of the kite during turns. The Insta Depower has been improved to enable effortless bottom turns, while the Max Drift feature now provides a great drift not only in classic side-off conditions, but also in on-shore conditions.


With the super quick Skinny Boy you can tackle even the most powerful of waves, with or without straps. The question is - do you have the courage?


  • Highly reactive
  • Super quick turning
  • Side-off and side-on drift


Kite Sizes: 6/8/9/12

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Price $999.00