2016 Blade Trigger Kiteboarding Kite

2016 Blade Trigger
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If you’re not familiar with the Trigger by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 8 years. This multi-purpose kite has been grabbing riders’ attention for its pinpoint responsiveness, quickness, big air boosts and skill building performance.



By combining efficient power delivery, amazingly fast turning and dynamic profile shape, the Trigger allows you to diversify your skill set. Quickly set it up with the all new max flow pump and you’re ready to jump, loop, speed ride, spin and grab, or just cruise.

With the new Trigger, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one style. Just pick a time and a place and you’re guaranteed to enjoy an immediate adrenaline rush.


  • Massive hangtime
  • Highly responsive

Kite Sizes: 5/7/8/9/10/12/14

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Price $949.00