2013 Blade Kiteboarding Fat Lady Lightwind Kite 20% OFF

2013 Blade Kiteboarding Fat Lady Lightwind Kite
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While your friends are standing on the beach pretending to be meteorologists, you can be busting all the tricks in your repertoire or carving the waves all to yourself. Fast, powerful, responsive and a thrill to ride, the 2013 Blade Fat Lady has made quite the name for herself in the light wind category.

For the 2nd Generation Fat Lady we’ve drastically improved the upwind capabilities by designing a new profile shape, which is traditionally found in paraglides. This unique and dynamic design strategy also improves low-end capabilities as well as responsive control in gusty conditions.

This kite is truly incredible in conditions that other kites will barely even get off the ground. Rig up in front of the doubters and rip in the light wind.


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