About Us

BladeKitesUSA Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to the riders through a dealer network across United States.  We feel strongly that the best way for most people to achieve the Blade Experience is through a strong community supportive dealer network.  

For those that do not have a Blade dealer in your area, we are committed to supporting you directly with hopes that someday your local shop will carry Blade in the future.

Dealer Inquiries are welcome as we are looking to expand our dealer network across the nation.


Blade Kites International Mission

Product design at Blade is founded on the understanding that no single kite design is ideal for all riders. More than that, every kite design is ideal for a specific group of riders. The principle is that every rider has a different physical and mental approach to kiteboarding, and these rider-specific characteristics are the basis for Blade’s kite development. Internally we call this our Rider-centric Design Paradigm.

We focus on a rider-centric approach because the natural alignment between rider and kite does more to promote progression then any other aspect of kite performance. This method is more accurate than designing for predefined “styles”, such as New School, Freeride, Wave, All-around, etc. These categories alone are too broad and do not accurately align rider type to kite performance characteristics.

Blade’s development process is similar to boutique brands in other industries which design for specificity. The process starts by defining a specific rider profile, compiled from working with groups of riders with similar preferences then analyzing their performance needs. With a clear rider type in mind, performance characteristics are aligned to the specific demands of that rider type, and all key decisions during design development answer to these demands. The result is a finely tuned kite that delivers the best possible performance specific to that rider profile. The right kite for the right rider, this is Blade’s Natural Selection Process.